Friday, 28 June 2013

Horny in the Greenhouse

This is Horny the Stag Beetle who I am nursing in the Greenhouse
He has damaged legs and a bent antler but has perked up after a drink of Ribena.  

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Our Kitchen Garden is looking more colourful now

Our Kitchen Garden is looking more colourful 
 I have marked where I have sown some more Kohl Rabi Seed with my used Birthday Cake Candles

This bobbly thing is blowing around in the wind acting hopefully as a Bird Scarer.  I have never seen one before.  It was in the bunch of flowers my Son gave me for my Birthday

Thanks for dropping by. Marion x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

20 th June. Good and bad news this week

I will start with the GOOD NEWS 

Now the BAD NEWS

Our cats have wrecked the netting and been digging so
 I have had to put wire netting over the vegetable beds

 The SWEDES called Marian came up ( did my Mum name me after a Swede I wonder )
 Slugs have eaten every Swede already ! I caught about 30 Slugs by torchlight this evening

Still waiting for The KOHL RABI, BUTTERNUT SQUASH and FENNEL to come up.  Eaten by Slugs I expect

Only one FRENCH BEAN called Speedy has come up..... or the others have been eaten ?
 It said " Ready in 7 weeks on the packet 
 I have planted the rest of the packet and marked where they are with sticks in what now looks like a Vegetable Graveyard
I hope everything perks up if and when the sun comes out

Friday, 14 June 2013

What do I do with a Caterpillar ?

I found this fat healthy Caterpillar today. Friend or foe ? 

I showed it to Charlie who promptly picked it up in his gentle Spaniel mouth and ran off with it !

The Caterpillar survived being dropped 6 times by Charlie
I can't kill a butterfly in pyjamas so I have put it as far away as I can from the veg patch
I have sown today 9 BEANS and 16 BEETROOT all soaked for 2 hours after reading my " Square Foot Gardening " Library book
Some SWEDE have come up at last. 
They were sown between the ONIONS 8 days ago. I marked where I put each one with a wooden stick
An ARTICHOKE has come up in the BEETROOT bed  !

Thursday, 13 June 2013

13 th June The past week in the vegetable patch

I have managed to borrow Mel Bartholomew's " Square Foot Gardening " book from the Library

What a brilliant book.  I will definately be buying a copy
What has popped up this week  ?

CARROTS so tiny it is hard to see them and one FRENCH BEAN
Poached Egg flowers, LETTUCES and BEETROOT

 I nearly trod on a STAG BEETLE

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Stag Beetles so this handsome chap is very welcome. Luckily I spotted him in front of the ONIONS when I took this photo

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Shopping Trip to Garden Centre for more Garden Tools

My new " Super Seeder " seed sower is useless so I have just sown some tiny SWEDE seeds called Ruby by hand 
Does anyone have one of these gadgets and love it ?
I wish I had read the Reviews about it on Amazon before buying it

I only went to the Garden Centre to buy some Watering Can Roses because our furry Gardener chewed up the last one

Sunday, 9 June 2013

How do you store empty Flower Pots ?

I hang my empty plant pots on strings through their drainage holes.
A plant label tied on the end keeps the end of the string in the first pot so I can add more pots. 
 Stored like this they take up very little space in the corner of the Potting Shed  

How do you store your empty flower pots ?

What is growing well so far ? ......The Cat Grass we are growing for our four cats

Saturday, 8 June 2013

5 June to 8 June Still sowing more vegetables

Sown in the two big flower pots are 6 CORGETTE Ambassador and 4 SQUASH Hunter after I watched the short how to sow video on the BBC website
I have also sown SWEDE Marion in between the onions and MUSTARD CRESS indoors

I have added PERPETUAL SPINACH to the The 5th raised bed and my 6th raised bed ( an old wooden drawer ) contains

 the free seeds from this month's Grow It Magazine
CARROT  Autumn King    ENDIVE  Wallone  FENNEL  Fino
SPRING ONION  Eiffel    CHARD  Rainbow Mixed
It is hot and sunny in Sussex today so too nice to be indoors    

Thursday, 6 June 2013

5 June The Kitchen Garden at Fishbourne Roman Palace today

I visited Fishbourne Roman Palace to see the Kitchen Garden
The gardening tools the Romans used are on display

The Romans also used raised beds

A lot of the plants growing were used for making plant dyes and for Medicinal purposes
They grew and ate CABBAGE to prevent insomnia, nightmares and prevent having a hangover
I bought a book there about the plants the Romans grew 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

1 June to 5 June Kitchen Garden Progress Report

We wondered what the cat was playing with....Poor Slow Worm  R.I.P. 
 To attract Hoverflies I have sown Poached Egg Flowers

GOOD NEWS  The RADISH and LETTUCE have popped up in the first Square Foot Garden.  Hubby loves RADISHES so I am pleased he will be rewarded soon for putting up the fence

I have never been able to grow CARROTS.  They usually grow to an inch long then stop growing !   
I have just sown CARROTS after soaking the seed for 2 days
Getting desperate now.....I have mixed CARROT seed with RADISH and dried Coffee granules to try to confuse the dreaded Carrot Fly
( any CARROT growing tips are very welcome please )

I want to grow some different vegetables.  I have never seen them or tasted them but I have just sown some KOHL RABI and SCORZONERA seed

I am probably sowing too much seed because my Grandparents used to say " Sow one for the Crow, one to rot and one to grow " which means sowing three times as much as it says on the packet !

One grape has gone to live in God's garden ( I wonder if they grow fruit and vegetables in Heaven ? ) after severe pruning by our furry gardener. All other Fruit are well and happy

Take care now and thanks for dropping by.  Marion x